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Frustration related to the body may lead to violence

Violence may also be a ‘solution’ to such frustrations. It is along these lines that we explain Haredi violence. In contrast to current understandings, Haredi violence is expressed foremostly within the boundaries of the Ultra-Orthodox community in Israel. Written By … Continue reading

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yeshiva – The frustrations of the young Haredi

The frustrations that many young Haredi men feel thus is not only derived from the difficulties that the high level of expectations of Torah studies sets, but also from the monastery-like framework within which they live: harsh discipline, authoritative leadership, … Continue reading

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Yeshiva – Narrow and Intolerant World

For those who failed to pass muster, or, from the outset did not attempt to join the ranks of the select, there were other alternatives that provided an occupation, an income, and some measure of social status. Taken from “Body, Violence … Continue reading

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